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Men who experience premature ejaculation often feel like they don’t have anyone to talk to for support. Their partners—even in loving relationships—can inadvertently contribute to the shame they feel because they don’t have the right training. Our culture puts too much pressure on men to allow them to talk to their best friends about premature ejaculation, too.

When you’re ready to invest in your pleasure, Bia Bliss will listen: just as she has with thousands of men before you. She’ll support you through the process of learning to control your ejaculation so that you can become a better lover and experience more pleasure.

Coaching Packages

Long-lasting change can happen quickly, not overnight. For this reason, I only work with clients who are ready to commit to their healing and empowerment with an initial six- or ten-session coaching package. Once you’ve completed six or ten sessions with me, you may purchase another package or just one session at a time.

I offer both 90- and 60-minute online coaching sessions. Clients tell me that they can go further, faster with 90-minute sessions. All sessions are conducted via secure Zoom video calls: I do not offer in-person coaching.


Session Length 10 sessions 6 sessions Add-on sessions
90 minutes

US$2250 ($225/ea)

US$1440 ($240/ea)

60 minutes 

US$1500 ($150/ea)

US$960 ($160/ea)